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Found 3 results

  1. How will his presidency turn out, and do you think he will receive a second term? I think he will do a lot of good. I also think he might do some bad due to his inexperience in politics. However I do think that he has good intentions and I think that even if it's only by a little bit, the good will inevitably outweigh the bad. If the Democratic party and the people opposing Trump continue to act the way they are currently, I think that he will receive a second term regardless of what happens during his run. A large portion of Trump's voter base are people who don't even really agree with any of Trump's stances in the slightest, they're just fed up of the way that the political left/Democrats in America are acting. People are fed up of being called racist or misogynists or white nationalists over nothing, and violent protesters that we've seen the last couple of days just add more fuel to that fire and make people support Trump even more. However, if the Democrats can change up their message entirely, and run someone fresh against Trump, I think they could do well. But so long as they keep up this thing of screaming about how racist Trump and his supporters are, they're unlikely to win against him 4 years from now. Also, I'm not taking this Calexit thing seriously, but if they actually left the US then the Democrats would never win another election ever again.
  2. So there's a bunch of protests gonna be happening at Trump's inauguration, plus he's having trouble getting a singer to perform. His latest singer (an opera singer) pulled out due to death threats from far left protesters. DISCUSS EVERYTHING TRUMP INAUGURATION.