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Found 1 result

  1. Okay so on the LHShowChannel, he made a very interesting video (But let's face it, I like ALL of his content. #FAN) however, after speaking with him and later reading about him, I know how much of a phobia this is for him, and this bothered me, so I tried to offer my words of comfort in the form of a comment, I can understand the fact that death can be scary But I feel there's more... So let me share his video, then we can discuss!! The begining of th is is something that's a harsh truth in this world, and he brings up several good points. If we COULD get a brain transplant, would we want one? What if you get transplanted into a body with only a few more years left.. Or what if it's something you don't LIKE.. and have to live with, and what if you also didn't your previous body? And that's only the surface, the cosmetic surface to be exact. How do we know that we're really NOT in the matrix somehow? Yes, your parents told you where babies come from, sure, but what I mean is way deeper than that!! What if we really are one or many beings in something that behaved like a computer and there's someone who "Changes out" parts of the computer, and that is how life is both created and stopped? I knwo it sounds weird or crazy, but maybe LIFE itself is way deeper than we could ever imagine? By the way, please let's be respectful to the creator of the video and please, dp as your mama said and if you cant say anything nice, please don't say anything at all. I havent had a problem lately when posting about Ala about people being dicks to me about it and I'm grateful for that. Thank you!!