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Are you a SJW or a Nazi quiz

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Your result for The Social Justice Warrior or Nazi Test ...

The Nazi

50% Extremist, 28% Liberal, 26% Feminist, 21% AntiRacist, 92% Racist, 51% Ignorant, 76% Sexist, 54% Rude, 46% Nerdy, 80% Conservative and 61% SpecialSnowflake!

You're a nazi.  Need I say more?

YOUR ANALYSIS (Vertical line = Average)

I knew this already...

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The Liberal Feminist

9% Extremist, 50% Liberal, 47% Feminist, 3% AntiRacist, 0% Racist, 8% Ignorant, 0% Sexist, 0% Rude, 24% Nerdy, 5% Conservative and 0% SpecialSnowflake!

You are a feminist, but you are also a strong liberal.  You don't only focus on issues of women, but also issues of LGBTQIA people, people of color, and other oppressed groups.  Only the most extreme SJWs would have a problem with you.
Sounds about right.

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Your result for The Social Justice Warrior or Nazi Test ...

The Red Piller

11% Extremist, 17% Liberal, 23% Feminist, 0% AntiRacist, 8% Racist, 13% Ignorant, 26% Sexist, 14% Rude, 39% Nerdy, 34% Conservative and 35% SpecialSnowflake!

You like to read Return of Kings and talk about getting "poon".  Most likely, you don't plan on getting married but if you ever do, it will be to a 15-year-old Thai girl.
Lucky me, except I can tell the difference between qt asian grills and thai trash. Need to work on my ignorance, it seems.
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Just now, Sappho said:

excuse me

are you trying to out feminist me

i think not


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    • By ragreynolds
      Okay so recently during protests against Donald Trump, Richard Spencer (a man who is one of the top figures associated with the alt-right) was punched in the face by a protester while answering a reporter's questions. Here's a GIF:

      Now Shia LaBeouf has been arrested for assaulting a man that people are also claiming was a 'Nazi'.
      Now, Richard Spencer is most undoubtedly a piece of shit, but does that mean people should have the right to assault him? Of course not. I'm seeing people all over Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc... all screaming about how great it is that this has happened and how it is okay to punch 'Nazis'. 

      People are posting with the #FreeShia and all this other bullshit.
      I'm honestly sickened to my core that people think it is okay to assault people just because they say horrible things. Actual Nazis are undoubtedly horrible people and don't deserve respect, but when you transform a verbal altercation into a physical one, it does not matter how horrible the other person is, you are the shitty person in that scenario.
      Now, if it were as simple as just people being okay with punching Nazis, I wouldn't be as concerned as I am now. My biggest concern is coming from the fact that for a while now, the social justice types on the left have been falsely labelling countless people as 'white nationalists'. These people also conflate 'white nationalists' with Nazis. So if it's okay to assault 'Nazis', really what they're moving towards is an idea that it's okay to assault anyone that disagrees with you. I have been called a Nazi in the middle of online debates where I have said nothing offensive. I've seen people all over the internet saying that anyone who defends/supports Donald Trump is a white nationalist. I've had people say over and over again to me that although I may not be a horrible racist piece of shit, the fact that I support Donald Trump means that I am supporting racism and white nationalism, and that makes me just as bad.
      What I'm saying is that people for a while now have been labelling those who disagree with them as racists, sexists, and white nationalists. And the new phrase is 'Nazi'.
      I am honestly terrified that these people are going to continue assaulting more and more people and eventually people are going to die. And you just know that as soon as someone fights back or whatever, it will spread like wildfire that some white guy beat up a black guy, even though it was the black guy who started the fight with the white guy for being a 'Nazi'.
      I don't feel as though I've worded this post very well. I'm kinda stuck here trying to get out what I want to say, but I think you get the point.
      >SJWs promote the idea that it's okay to punch Nazis
      >SJWs label people that disagree with them as Nazis
      >SJWs assault the people they have labelled as Nazis
      NOTE: If the so called 'Nazi' was actually a Nazi and was beating up Jews or something, then I'd have no issue with people fighting back. My issue is with people thinking it is okay to assault people who are saying things that they deem disgusting.