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Give one positive thing and one negative thing Trump has done so far

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I thought it'd be nice if we could all give one thing we like that Trump has done so far and one thing that we dislike that Trump has done so far as President. Too many of us are very biased and one-sided on Trump. The likes of myself tend to not really say much negative about him because I'm too busy trying to defend him, whereas others on here (NOT NAMING NAMES) only ever say the bad things because they are too busy saying how much they hate him

FOR EVERY POSITIVE THING/NEGATIVE THING YOU MUST ALSO LIST AN OPPOSING POINT. If you're not gonna give a serious opposing point, then don't post at all.

I'll start:

Positive: No TPP.
Negative: Gag order on EPA.

Positive: Refugee program temporarily halted.
Negative: Travel ban on 7 countries that don't include Saudi Arabia.

Positive: Pipelines - good because lots of new jobs and it's practical.
Negative: Pipelines - bad because it's harmful to the environment and they seem to be forcing people to sell land.

Positive: Highly effective leader/is a man who gets things done.
Negative: Lying about dumb things such as the size of a crowd.

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Positive: those photoshopped picture of his hands being enlarged

Negative: holding T-Mays hand cause he's scared of stairs.

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    • By The_Right_Honourable_Jimmy
      There was a petition about banning Trump for a state visit and it reached enough supporters where it was debated in parliament. The opposition have been openly and persistantly against Donald Trump from the start of his presidential campaign, both in the Houses of Commons and within interviews with media.
      On my Facebook feed today I came I came across this letter addressed to The Prime Minister Theresa May from Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Opposition and personally I found it absurd. Our opposition should focus on more dire topics to scrutinise the government benches however I feel like for them, this is just another political move as it is with most political parties.  
      Here is Jeremy Corbyn's letter.

      Here is my reply on facebook.
      Dear Mr Jeremy Corbyn
      I can understand why you might oppose President Trump's views as the leader of the opposition but I hope you understand how would banning him could effect our relationship with the United States in accordance to trade and alliance. We all hope our British economy flourishes however I beilive if we distance our selves from the USA, our economy will not flourish. A true diplomat can see past what he or she disagrees when it comes down to policy and make alliances and trade deals.
      If we ban Mr. Trump from entering the UK out of "protest" then it is my sincere belief that our economy will not flourish. Shouldn't we just let the Americans deal with their own battles and shouldn't we deal with our own? -
      A concerned citizen.
      What is your opinion on this petition and the strong support from the opposition.