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So Im thinking about stating a business..

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So I'm thinking of starting a business on second life. 

I would sell Pictures in frames, Picture frames and poster pictures, and textures for some furniature each at varying prices. 

In secondlife, you purchase Lindens with real money, and the Lindens can be used to buy anything your heart desires from market place, shops around second Life and rent places to "Live" there on game.  In secondlife, all items are made of things called "Prims" and Prim is a word short for Primitive shape and everything in Secondlife is made out of these prims. When you rent a place in second life, you get added to one of their goups that enables you  to mae your  own prims, which means you can decorate and build stuff there where you live.  Each area of Secondlife only has so many prims belonging  to them, so when you rent an area, you're really renting prim usage rights and given an amount to keep in your place.  As an example of this, I know of a place that lets you  use 70 Prim for 120L/WK, which is a good deal! 

My  store will feature my photoshop works, I think the style will be mostly "Kitschy" and "Pastel Goth" in nature. I will also sell various flowers and vases as well. 

So let's talk costs...

You can purchase two thousand Lindens for eight dollars, and two thousand go pretty far. It costs 10L to make uploads, so mostly  what I will be selling will be making back my own money spent on the item. 

I am thinking of selling 

Copy  - Copy means you can copy and have as many of the object in your inventory as you desire.

Mod- Mod is short for modification and with this, you can edit the object on your own that you pay for. 

Trans-  Short for Transfer, means you can give copies of your objects to other people and have permissions over the item.


- Copy only - 1 prim pictures and vases  10L (This is me getting my money back for making the picture texture) 

- Copy 2 Prim Pictures and 4 Prim Flowers w/Vase  25L. (I am getting back my money, plus half of one more upload)


Mod and Copy one prim picture - 40L (I am giving you rights to my textures with MOD permissions, so yes I would charge more)

Mod and Copy two prim - 80L  (You have two of my textures at this price.)

I would have to pay the cost of the rent for the month of my shop, buying my items would also help pay  my shops rent, so you would be able to support me that way as well. 

 I  would charge 10L per prim if I had any requested items, and some things can be made out of only one prim. 


This is just a thought here, no action or anything yet behind it, but if I do I would ask if I could make an advertisement and have sample pictures and a landmark location, lots of cool stuff.. I;m no where near ready to open anything yet, just thinking here. 



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2 hours ago, ragreynolds said:

You should ask ala. I'm sure he's a SecondLife expert.

Jokes on him, because Second Life is short on preteens.

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6 minutes ago, Justin13 said:


Oh well fuck! I made a typo, so kill me. 

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