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I made a video today where I took a quiz that determines if you are compatible with Islam.

Here's the quiz: http://www.areyoumuslim.com/ 

I got 63% compatible.

Here's my video:



A lot of the quiz seems to be bullshit from what I've seen. I talk about why a little in my video, but one of the answers talks about freedom of speech and religion, and it says that Islam is compatible with those ideas. If that's really the case then why is it that Muhammad told followers of Islam to kill or convert non-believers. Why is it that there are examples of notable Islamic figures saying that Christians may only live amongst Muslims if they sacrifice certain rights. Then as far as the freedom of speech part goes, there are countless of examples of radical Muslims killing people over them insulting Islam. Look no further than the Charlie Hebdo incident. Then there's the fact that something like 33% of British Muslims think that making fun of Islam should lead to prosecution. So that whole part about free speech and freedom of religion seems like absolute bollocks to me. I'm sure some of the things are true, such as the part about environmental conservation. But I'm sure that more of it is also bullshit.

ANYWAY, do the quiz and post your results. 

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