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Trolling Coppercab Live

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So yesterday I saw Coppercab doing a Live workout session and I think I arrived in the middle of the broadcast because he wasn't working out anymore,. If you don't know who Coppercab is, look him up because he's funny as hell and has to be easily the angriest ginger on the internet, even if what he portrays is nothing more than a mere character, it's still funny to watch him get so angry! Later in the broadcasts, this woman who  called herself CutieLola joined and everyone started  giving her a lot of shit because copper liked her and everyone was trying to get Copper to yell again and there was a lot of people on the broadcast and no mods in the chat, so everyone started calling  Lola a N***** and she wasn't even black, she was a British white woman and for a while, she ignored  us all and eventually responded with "I'm not crispy" and I thought that was just the funniest response ever!! Then I started calling Lola a Jew and everyone  then started with anti semitism remarks, which I didn't mind at all really, may sound odd but  I didn't  mind and thought it was actually funny!! People were accusing Copper of being a Nazi and speaking German, again, all in hopes of making Copper see the chat and get angry.... It was  a really fun time!!!!! I put  a few "DEUTSCHLAND UBER ALLES" (Germany over all - Germany is the best) ... It was all just a lot of fun!!! 

I promise though, should I be able to make the Ragreynolds Live broadcast, I will behave myself!!! LOL!!!! Just wanted to share!!!!!

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