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The Story of Mel Mel

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Yes, I know, most people have probably already heard this story a million times before, but I was looking for it to send to someone and I couldn't find it anywhere. So here I am bringing it back again. If you haven't read the story, I strongly recommend that you do. It's quite the ride.

Back in March 2013, a user joined Onision.net using the username "CENSORED". They began spamming the site with links to MrRepzion's videos against Onision. The user then joined chat and randomly pm'd me asking for information about Onision's followers on the site. I sent them a link which gave me their IP, then I found their location, which was Connecticut. I told them I knew their location and they were shocked and began asking me how I managed to hack them. I explained about what I did and they acted as if I had just taught them the most amazing thing ever. The user was soon banned.

The next day, another user signed up using the name "KatieLuvsU". The user began posting about how much she loved Onision and how great he was. The user then came into chat and pm'd me. This person typed the exact same way as CENSORED did the day before. With horrible spelling and grammar, and just coming off like a total retard. I sent a different link than the one I sent the day before, she clicked it, and I got the same IP as I had the day before. Something then happened where I ended up telling her about 10minutemail. I don't really remember exactly what it was. She was later banned.

A day or so later, I searched my name on Tumblr, only to find that someone had put up screenshots of me on OFO onto Tumblr. This person was "OnisionLogic". This was obviously the same person I had been talking to on OFO. Under the screenshots, they were talking about how they had fooled me into teaching them how to hack and a bunch of other bullshit about how I'm a huge Onision fan, and that made me stupid.

This was just the beginning. I contacted her on Tumblr, and I had a few others do so with me, and I started correcting everything she was saying. This was when another Onision blog jumped in, going by the name of "TrollingOnionBoy". TOB kept making posts about me and saying that I was Onisions biggest fan etc... it was just pointless trying to communicate with TOB (TrollingOnionBoy), as they didn't even reply to any messages that they had no good response for.

Meanwhile, OL (OnisionLogic) was screenshotting posts from my Tumblr, then uploading them with "analysis" and explaining why each post made me stupid and a hacker. Eventually, Kelley managed to find the Facebook of a girl named Melissa, so I send OL this Facebook saying I knew this was her. She insisted that it wasn't, yet she refused to show a picture of herself. So we ended up on Omegle. She had her camera covered, she made me put my hands on my head, and the she quickly flashed her face on cam. She was not the person from the Facebook profile. She told me that if she looked like that other girl, she'd probably kill herself.

OL and I continued going back and forth over Tumblr messages, and she kept making posts about me. Then one night, she held a Tinychat, which I joined. My friend was making fun of her and said that she was probably in recourse classes because she's that stupid, and then I said: "Rape. HAHAHAHA". After that comment, she banned us all. She then had all her followers message me about how horrible I was and that she was crying because of me. So I messaged her on Tumblr and had her add me on Skype.

[16/05/2013 22:06:45] prettykitty sopretty: hey

[16/05/2013 22:07:08] prettykitty sopretty: ya i am going to be having dinner soon

[16/05/2013 22:07:10] Ryan Reynolds: hi

[16/05/2013 22:07:23] prettykitty sopretty: we can skype quick tho..im still crying

[16/05/2013 22:07:24] prettykitty sopretty: fml

[16/05/2013 22:07:50] prettykitty sopretty: u will probably laugh tho. :(

[16/05/2013 22:08:01] Ryan Reynolds: I won't laugh :(

[16/05/2013 22:08:20] prettykitty sopretty: ok i will video call you. this will be quick tho until my parents call me downstairs

[16/05/2013 22:08:32] *** Call from prettykitty sopretty ***

[16/05/2013 22:10:00] prettykitty sopretty: u do not even care

[16/05/2013 22:10:20] prettykitty sopretty: because you upset me.

[16/05/2013 22:10:26] prettykitty sopretty: i gtg dinner

[16/05/2013 22:10:28] *** Call ended, duration 01:56 ***

[16/05/2013 22:21:31] prettykitty sopretty: im back

[16/05/2013 22:21:43] prettykitty sopretty: i could not really eat i feel sick and sad ;(

[16/05/2013 22:22:26] prettykitty sopretty: i cant stop crying ;(

[16/05/2013 22:24:08] prettykitty sopretty: you do not understand the pain i have went through

[16/05/2013 22:24:42] Ryan Reynolds: I can't imagine the damage that does to a person

[16/05/2013 22:25:15] prettykitty sopretty: yeah, i don't even trust you. because you are probably going to laugh about this to all you're friends

[16/05/2013 22:25:20] Ryan Reynolds: But joking about these things is just how I deal with them. I prefer to joke about them rather than face them.

[16/05/2013 22:25:27] Ryan Reynolds: I'm not laughing

[16/05/2013 22:25:33] Ryan Reynolds: that would be sick

[16/05/2013 22:25:41] prettykitty sopretty: you are sick

[16/05/2013 22:25:51] Ryan Reynolds: I wouldn't laugh at the pain of someone who has been raped I'm not sick.

[16/05/2013 22:26:09] Ryan Reynolds: You just seem to think I'm sick

[16/05/2013 22:26:23] Ryan Reynolds: because you have taken everything I have said seriously

[16/05/2013 22:26:35] prettykitty sopretty: yeah i do take things people say seriously. i just do..

[16/05/2013 22:27:04] prettykitty sopretty: its something i struggle with. i have learned not to take jokes, because a joke is how i got hurt the first time.

[16/05/2013 22:27:43] prettykitty soprettyi guess i am not strong enough to have a blog - This fucking quote though.

[16/05/2013 22:29:08] prettykitty sopretty: its ok. i do not dislike you for the fact that you are on onision.net, what i dislike is how you try to make me feel bad about myself, i mean maybe it was you're friends..but it was very hurtful.

[16/05/2013 22:30:43] prettykitty sopretty: well i am fucked up and cant spell...fucking worthless

[16/05/2013 22:31:09] Ryan Reynolds: Well, I think you seem like a pretty good person when you are being nice

[16/05/2013 22:31:52] prettykitty sopretty: thanks. and i was not trying to be mean. an anon messaged me and told me you were going to post my info online...which is why i sticked back

[16/05/2013 22:32:45] prettykitty sopretty: you said you did.. i suffer from paranoia ;( its the truth, i always feel like someone is after me.

[16/05/2013 22:35:46] prettykitty sopretty: ok, because you did guess where i lived..and it freaked me out. and then making me look up that penis porn crud. i did not want to look at that.

[16/05/2013 22:38:31] prettykitty sopretty: yeah, i guess it is partly my fault, because i try to act diffret online...when in reality i am broken and crying..

[16/05/2013 22:39:55] Ryan Reynolds: get a hobby

[16/05/2013 22:40:03] prettykitty sopretty: ??? that was rude

[16/05/2013 22:40:09] Ryan Reynolds: it was?

[16/05/2013 22:40:14] prettykitty sopretty: yes

[16/05/2013 22:40:17] Ryan Reynolds: ok...

[16/05/2013 22:45:43] prettykitty sopretty: wow... i know exactly why you did this to me. you wanted to feel above someone, so you picked someone weak.

[16/05/2013 22:45:50] prettykitty sopretty: you wanted to ruin someones day

[16/05/2013 22:51:43] prettykitty sopretty: and about my spelling... i suffered with dsylexia my entire life, could not write my name till second grade, could not read books till high school.

[16/05/2013 22:52:08] prettykitty sopretty: so the spelling really kills, because it is something i have worked my whole life to overcome..and i still suck at it

[16/05/2013 22:53:20] prettykitty sopretty: yeah and then when you're friend was calling me retarded, and asking me if i was in resources..that hurt too because i am in resources. - FUCKING LOL

[16/05/2013 23:01:54] prettykitty sopretty: i wish i could be you

[16/05/2013 23:02:24] prettykitty sopretty: you are type of person i have always wanted to be


You will see in the coming lines, that she clearly wanted my dick:

[16/05/2013 22:37:09] prettykitty sopretty: sorry, just curious though..but why did i intrest you so much?

[16/05/2013 23:05:28] prettykitty sopretty: that is why i think all the anti onion blogs have broken lives, because we all do not understand gregs jokes.

[16/05/2013 23:07:11] prettykitty sopretty: the only one that got to me was his draw my life video, i actually cried for him, because his life is similar to mine in many ways.

[16/05/2013 23:07:18] prettykitty sopretty: but then someone told me he made it all up..

[16/05/2013 23:07:23] prettykitty sopretty: then i hated him again

[16/05/2013 23:09:35] prettykitty sopretty: i can tell you my real first name btw if you want to know

[16/05/2013 23:10:17] Ryan Reynolds: sure

[16/05/2013 23:10:27] Ryan Reynolds: It would be better for talking

[16/05/2013 23:11:07] prettykitty sopretty: i can't actually...trust issues here. you would probably have turned out like me if you had my past.

[16/05/2013 23:12:43] Ryan Reynolds: so it must have really been scary when I said I knew you were from connecticut

[16/05/2013 23:12:49] prettykitty sopretty: yes

[16/05/2013 23:13:14] prettykitty sopretty: i just turned off the computer and shut down..

[16/05/2013 23:13:22] prettykitty sopretty: mentally and physically

[16/05/2013 23:13:42] prettykitty sopretty: yeah u did not care though.

[16/05/2013 23:14:08] prettykitty sopretty: u were enjoying my pain

[16/05/2013 23:14:19] Ryan Reynolds: no, I wasn't

[16/05/2013 23:14:28] Ryan Reynolds: are you still crying? :(

[16/05/2013 23:14:33] prettykitty sopretty: yes ;(

[16/05/2013 23:14:35] Ryan Reynolds: well

[16/05/2013 23:14:38] prettykitty sopretty: i'm not gonna lie

[16/05/2013 23:14:48] Ryan Reynolds: wipe away those tears from those pretty little eyes - LOL @ ME

[16/05/2013 23:15:04] prettykitty sopretty: yea

[16/05/2013 23:16:08] prettykitty sopretty: just talking about my life sometimes makes me cry

[16/05/2013 23:17:51] prettykitty sopretty: there was this guy, who got my ip and controlled me..he knew my social s number..everything. had to do all kinds of stuff to get him away from me.

[16/05/2013 23:18:22] prettykitty sopretty: that is how i got better at hacking..even though you dont think i am good at it, it is something i try to imporve on

[16/05/2013 23:18:59] prettykitty sopretty: yeah, i ended up hospitalized for 2 weeks..

[16/05/2013 23:19:08] prettykitty sopretty: and in and out the next 3 months

[16/05/2013 23:20:45] prettykitty sopretty: i know i dont act my age, i probably act like a 10 year old.

[16/05/2013 23:20:55] Ryan Reynolds: lol

[16/05/2013 23:21:02] Ryan Reynolds: nah

[16/05/2013 23:21:10] Ryan Reynolds: I would have put you around 15 or 16

[16/05/2013 23:32:52] prettykitty sopretty: and then u were like sitting there topless grabbing your man boobs..that was seriously creepy no offence



[16/05/2013 23:37:13] prettykitty sopretty: yeah. i mean mrrepzion posts gore...but nothing that dramatic.

[16/05/2013 23:37:23] prettykitty sopretty: have u ever been to allthingsgore.com

[16/05/2013 23:37:28] prettykitty sopretty: that site scared me shitless

[16/05/2013 23:37:30] prettykitty sopretty: ><

[16/05/2013 23:37:48] Ryan Reynolds: there are worse sites than that

[16/05/2013 23:38:00] prettykitty sopretty: do not tell me.

[16/05/2013 23:38:06] Ryan Reynolds: lol

[16/05/2013 23:38:06] prettykitty sopretty: because i will look it up.

[16/05/2013 23:38:08] Ryan Reynolds: ok

[16/05/2013 23:38:18] prettykitty sopretty: i saw this one of this mexican woman getting decapitated..

[16/05/2013 23:38:22] prettykitty sopretty: i cried for days

[16/05/2013 23:38:27] prettykitty sopretty: did u see it?

[16/05/2013 23:38:38] Ryan Reynolds: idk

[16/05/2013 23:40:23] Ryan Reynolds: I used to look at a lot

[16/05/2013 23:40:32] Ryan Reynolds: not so much now

[16/05/2013 23:40:41] prettykitty sopretty: whyy?? is it like a sexual plesure for you?

[16/05/2013 23:40:45] Ryan Reynolds: no lol

[16/05/2013 23:40:52] Ryan Reynolds: it just interests me

[16/05/2013 23:40:56] prettykitty sopretty: also do u understand the animie section of the porn world?

[16/05/2013 23:41:15] prettykitty sopretty: lol i am like how the hell do people find this sexy??

[16/05/2013 23:41:44] prettykitty sopretty: and if you saw real gore... like in real life, of like someone being beheaded..would you like it then?

[16/05/2013 23:41:51] Ryan Reynolds: idk

[16/05/2013 23:41:55] Ryan Reynolds: I can't say

[16/05/2013 23:42:25] prettykitty sopretty: omg o.0 that scares me. what kind of person would enjoy seeing people being cut upkilled?

[16/05/2013 23:42:34] Ryan Reynolds: I don't enjoy it

[16/05/2013 23:42:40] Ryan Reynolds: it just interests me

[16/05/2013 23:42:44] Ryan Reynolds: I find it interesting

[16/05/2013 23:42:56] prettykitty sopretty: hmm intresting haha. what do you find intresting about it?

[16/05/2013 23:42:59] Ryan Reynolds: idk

[16/05/2013 23:43:04] Ryan Reynolds: It just fascinates me

[16/05/2013 23:43:09] prettykitty sopretty: & don't you get like a pit in your stomach when you watch it?

[16/05/2013 23:43:56] prettykitty sopretty: omg, jc if someone chopped your head off for yotube...wouldn't you be scared?

[16/05/2013 23:44:07] Ryan Reynolds: umm

[16/05/2013 23:44:08] Ryan Reynolds: yes

[16/05/2013 23:44:33] prettykitty sopretty: i saw one once where a girl wet her pants b4 being decapitated..so how can you watch this stuff and not feel sorrow for the person being killed.

[16/05/2013 23:44:45] Ryan Reynolds: I do feel sorry for them

[16/05/2013 23:44:53] Ryan Reynolds: the truth is

[16/05/2013 23:45:03] Ryan Reynolds: the reason I find it interesting

[16/05/2013 23:45:05] Ryan Reynolds: is because

[16/05/2013 23:45:07] Ryan Reynolds: well

[16/05/2013 23:45:11] Ryan Reynolds: when I was younger

[16/05/2013 23:45:16] Ryan Reynolds: like 7

[16/05/2013 23:45:22] Ryan Reynolds: well

[16/05/2013 23:45:23] Ryan Reynolds: my

[16/05/2013 23:45:49] Ryan Reynolds: my mom was cut up and burned

[16/05/2013 23:45:56] prettykitty sopretty: omg really?

[16/05/2013 23:45:57] Ryan Reynolds: it's hard for me to talk about

[16/05/2013 23:45:58] prettykitty sopretty: ;(

[16/05/2013 23:46:02] prettykitty sopretty: omgg

[16/05/2013 23:46:02] Ryan Reynolds: and

[16/05/2013 23:46:13] Ryan Reynolds: it just makes me feel a little better to understand how it happens

[16/05/2013 23:46:21] prettykitty sopretty: omg omg omg ;( whyy

[16/05/2013 23:46:25] prettykitty sopretty: why did it happen?

[16/05/2013 23:46:28] prettykitty sopretty: who did it?

[16/05/2013 23:47:04] Ryan Reynolds: i'm sorry if I take a little long to respond

[16/05/2013 23:47:11] Ryan Reynolds: it just upsets me to talk aobut this

[16/05/2013 23:47:15] Ryan Reynolds: well

[16/05/2013 23:47:24] Ryan Reynolds: no one knows why it happened

[16/05/2013 23:47:35] prettykitty sopretty: *hugs* :( i am so sorry

[16/05/2013 23:47:43] prettykitty sopretty: who killed her?

[16/05/2013 23:47:54] Ryan Reynolds: well

[16/05/2013 23:47:58] Ryan Reynolds: we went on vacation

[16/05/2013 23:48:12] prettykitty sopretty: and then wht?

[16/05/2013 23:48:15] Ryan Reynolds: to spain

[16/05/2013 23:48:18] Ryan Reynolds: and basically

[16/05/2013 23:48:28] Ryan Reynolds: during the night I heard her scream

[16/05/2013 23:48:36] Ryan Reynolds: and she was gone

[16/05/2013 23:48:42] Ryan Reynolds: and my dad was just crying

[16/05/2013 23:49:02] Ryan Reynolds: I never found out what happened until I was 14

[16/05/2013 23:49:04] prettykitty sopretty: awe ryan ;(

[16/05/2013 23:49:08] Ryan Reynolds: my dad finally told me

[16/05/2013 23:49:16] Ryan Reynolds: they found the guy

[16/05/2013 23:49:22] Ryan Reynolds: and the guy confessed to everything

[16/05/2013 23:49:29] Ryan Reynolds: I don't wanna talk about this anymore ;-;

[16/05/2013 23:49:36] prettykitty sopretty: omg i am sooo sorry :(

[16/05/2013 23:49:48] prettykitty sopretty: is there an article about this on the internet?

[16/05/2013 23:49:53] prettykitty sopretty: not trying to sound rude

[16/05/2013 23:49:57] Ryan Reynolds: umm

[16/05/2013 23:50:00] Ryan Reynolds: I don't think so

[16/05/2013 23:50:04] prettykitty sopretty: awee

[16/05/2013 23:50:08] Ryan Reynolds: my dad asked for it to be kept quiet

[16/05/2013 23:50:13] Ryan Reynolds: because it upset him too much

[16/05/2013 23:50:19] Ryan Reynolds: I still don't know the full story

[16/05/2013 23:50:28] Ryan Reynolds: my dad is too upset to exaplain

[16/05/2013 23:50:31] prettykitty sopretty: omg that is insane... compleatly insane.

[16/05/2013 23:50:39] prettykitty sopretty: like you just saw her all cut up?

[16/05/2013 23:50:45] Ryan Reynolds: no

[16/05/2013 23:50:47] Ryan Reynolds: I didn't

[16/05/2013 23:50:50] Ryan Reynolds: my dad did

[16/05/2013 23:50:57] Ryan Reynolds: he told me about what the guy did

[16/05/2013 23:51:00] Ryan Reynolds: the guy confessed it all

[16/05/2013 23:51:15] prettykitty sopretty: ugh that is so not right :( i am so sorry

[16/05/2013 23:51:38] Ryan Reynolds: it's ok

[16/05/2013 23:51:40] prettykitty sopretty: i never would have guessed, you hide it well.

[16/05/2013 23:51:48] Ryan Reynolds: that's why I am the way I am

[16/05/2013 23:51:58] Ryan Reynolds: I fight everything off

[16/05/2013 23:52:02] Ryan Reynolds: and joke about everything

[16/05/2013 23:52:09] Ryan Reynolds: but deep inside

[16/05/2013 23:52:12] Ryan Reynolds: it hurts

[16/05/2013 23:52:35] prettykitty sopretty: awe :( i am so sorry, we all have stories that make us who we are.

[16/05/2013 23:52:42] Ryan Reynolds: yeah

[16/05/2013 23:52:43] Ryan Reynolds: true

[16/05/2013 23:53:07] Ryan Reynolds: there is probably an article somewhere

[16/05/2013 23:53:10] prettykitty sopretty: its amazing, how once you start to talk to someone on a personal level..that they are not who you imagined them to be.

[16/05/2013 23:53:27] Ryan Reynolds: yeah

[16/05/2013 23:53:32] Ryan Reynolds: it really is amazing

[16/05/2013 23:53:59] prettykitty sopretty: yeah, we hide it well... but inside we are just broken

[16/05/2013 23:54:21] Ryan Reynolds: yeah

[16/05/2013 23:54:23] Ryan Reynolds: I guess

[16/05/2013 23:54:40] Ryan Reynolds: well, I don't wanna talk about this anymore

[16/05/2013 23:54:58] prettykitty sopretty: ok i understand. we all have things that are hard to talk about.

[16/05/2013 23:55:12] Ryan Reynolds: thanks for understanding 

[16/05/2013 23:55:19] prettykitty sopretty: you're welcome 

[16/05/2013 23:55:51] prettykitty sopretty: so yeah you are allot nicer than i thought

[16/05/2013 23:55:58] Ryan Reynolds: thanks

[16/05/2013 23:56:11] prettykitty sopretty: welcome :3

[16/05/2013 23:56:56] Ryan Reynolds: I don't think you believe me though ;( reading over what I've said, it all just seems to, idk fake? It doesn't sound real

[16/05/2013 23:56:59] Ryan Reynolds: now I'm crying

[16/05/2013 23:57:02] Ryan Reynolds: I'm sorry

[16/05/2013 23:57:45] prettykitty sopretty: awe no it seems real to me ;( i never said it was fake and i never would.. it is very real and true and i do belive you.

[16/05/2013 23:58:22] Ryan Reynolds: thank you

[16/05/2013 23:58:25] Ryan Reynolds: so much

[16/05/2013 23:58:30] prettykitty sopretty: if u want to video call, we can cry together <3

[16/05/2013 23:58:40] prettykitty sopretty: u dont have to speak

[16/05/2013 23:58:48] Ryan Reynolds: I wouldn't feel comfortable with that ;( I'm sorry

[16/05/2013 23:59:02] prettykitty sopretty: awee (heart) it's ok

[16/05/2013 23:59:17] prettykitty sopretty: i know i don't like to be seen crying either.

[16/05/2013 23:59:28] prettykitty sopretty: in the chat room thing, once i started to cry i closed the mic

[16/05/2013 23:59:36] Ryan Reynolds: I'm sorry about that

[16/05/2013 23:59:37] Ryan Reynolds: I really am

[16/05/2013 23:59:47] prettykitty sopretty: it's ok. you didn't know me.


[17/05/2013 00:27:03] prettykitty sopretty: do you have any mental illnesses?

[17/05/2013 00:27:12] prettykitty sopretty: you can tell me i will not tell

[17/05/2013 00:27:40] Ryan Reynolds: well

[17/05/2013 00:27:48 | Edited 00:27:51] Ryan Reynolds: I haven't been diagnosed

[17/05/2013 00:27:52] Ryan Reynolds: but

[17/05/2013 00:27:56] Ryan Reynolds: I think I'm narcissistic

[17/05/2013 00:28:10] prettykitty sopretty: whats that?

[17/05/2013 00:28:55] prettykitty sopretty: just googled it. yeah i am so sorry

[17/05/2013 00:29:14] prettykitty sopretty: i have a hell ton of a diagnosis. its fucking horrible

[17/05/2013 00:29:40] prettykitty sopretty: dsylexic, schizophernic, hair loss (alopecia), OCD, paranoid, depression

[17/05/2013 00:29:44] prettykitty sopretty: its a long list..


[17/05/2013 00:52:46] prettykitty sopretty: and that post u made about the boy with no arms, getting cancer for christmas...my best friend died of cancer last month. so that hit home too.


[17/05/2013 01:05:19] prettykitty sopretty: jc but do u like bondage?

[17/05/2013 01:05:56] Ryan Reynolds: yes, a bit

[17/05/2013 01:06:04] prettykitty sopretty: lol XD

[17/05/2013 01:06:07] prettykitty sopretty: i KNEW IT

[17/05/2013 01:06:09] prettykitty sopretty: lmaoo

[17/05/2013 01:06:35] Ryan Reynolds: how so?

[17/05/2013 01:06:51] prettykitty sopretty: idk u just seemed like the type  i like it too tho so its all good

[17/05/2013 01:07:06] prettykitty sopretty: i like the really viloent type of stuff

[17/05/2013 01:07:25] Ryan Reynolds: awesome

[17/05/2013 01:07:27] Ryan Reynolds: me too

[17/05/2013 01:07:41] prettykitty sopretty: ya i usually cry after every episode tho. but i watch it as like a healing thing

[17/05/2013 01:07:48] prettykitty sopretty: hard to explain

[17/05/2013 01:08:33] Ryan Reynolds: aw

[17/05/2013 01:08:37] Ryan Reynolds: I think I get it

[17/05/2013 01:08:45] prettykitty sopretty: yeah ><

[17/05/2013 01:09:00] prettykitty sopretty: i use an app on my ipad, because my parents do check the history.

[17/05/2013 01:09:08] prettykitty sopretty: they just do it to protect me.

[17/05/2013 01:09:19] prettykitty sopretty: they dont want me watching tht stuff even though i am 18

[17/05/2013 01:09:24] Ryan Reynolds: I understand

[17/05/2013 01:09:27] Ryan Reynolds: that must suck

[17/05/2013 01:09:42] prettykitty sopretty: haha ya  its fine tho cuz i just use my iphone and ipad, which they dont check

[17/05/2013 01:09:53] prettykitty sopretty: they dont even know my iphone pass


So after all that happened, there was another Tinychat, where this happened:

ragreynolds: rape jokes aren't nice you prick

cuntflap: looooool RAPE

ragreynolds: <_<

cuntflap: knock knock

onisionlogic: cuntflap is pathetic..

ragreynolds: go fuck yourself

shelley: what a jerk

cuntflap: rape

onisionlogic: he tried to dox me too

cuntflap: who me?

onisionlogic: i could kick him from the room

onisionlogic: & yes you

ragreynolds: nah

ragreynolds: I'll make him leave

onisionlogic: lmao

cuntflap: yeah

cuntflap: good luck

onisionlogic: want to brodcast haha

guest-255763 entered the room.

onisionlogic: i will only brodcast voice due to looking like poop now 

ragreynolds: cuntflap, don't try me

shiloh: i always look like poop

cuntflap: tha's cause you're shiloh

cuntflap: what do you fucking expect you piece of white trash

onisionlogic: haha yeah, tbh i would never show my face on here because people could screen shot it.

cuntflap: go back in time and die in the holocause

cuntflap: *holocaust

ragreynolds: cuntflap

onisionlogic: cutflap go away and jerk off you're cunt

shiloh: how much does the holocaust

onisionlogic: flap flap

ragreynolds: you are fucking idiotic

guest-255763 left the room.

onisionlogic: i am going to play a song for "cunt flap"

ragreynolds: ok

cuntflap: please do bitch

onisionlogic: *started a YouTube-video: Macklemore - Can't hold us Lyrics.*

onisionlogic: dedicated to you bitch

cuntflap: you're so not funny

onisionlogic: dance everyone!!!

ragreynolds: *yawns at cuntfalp*

ragreynolds: *cuntflap

onisionlogic: lolz 

onisionlogic: this is my fave song btw

cuntflap: I musted it bitch

onisionlogic: no lie haha

cuntflap: *ghsaj

onisionlogic: good for u little cunt flap

shiloh: i love this song

shiloh: nigga


onisionlogic: omg me too

ragreynolds: cuntflap

cuntflap: wat?

onisionlogic: it is the best song evaa

onisionlogic: cuntflap is a dirty child

onisionlogic: here we go back this is the moment 

ragreynolds: cuntflap I found a pic of you: http://www.bvog.com/?post=IDmdcEticQxRMziHf

onisionlogic: oh guys, i got my first car today!!!

shiloh: oh

shiloh: i thought he said here we go mack

onisionlogic: omfg ragreynolds, lol he looks fucking retarded


cuntflap: nothing came up faggot

onisionlogic: hmm thats odd

cuntflap: you are an idio

cuntflap: try tinypic

onisionlogic: click it again

onisionlogic: u look gay as fuck

ragreynolds: it's ok cuntflap

ragreynolds: you just gave me your IP 

onisionlogic: lmfaoo!!


onisionlogic: u got him send him the you're a monkey screen shot


onisionlogic: LOLLL

onisionlogic: hahahaha

cuntflap: youre a fucking liar

ragreynolds: nope

onisionlogic: noope he is not!

cuntflap: what is it then?

onisionlogic: this boys got some skill

ragreynolds: you want me to post it?

onisionlogic: ryan send him the screen shot!


onisionlogic: from the your a monke

onisionlogic: lolll XD

onisionlogic: epicness

shiloh: bad idea cunt

ragreynolds: your IP is

shelley: lol wow

shelley: what happened here

onisionlogic: ryan post it 

ragreynolds: 52.662.11.08

shiloh: oh shi

onisionlogic: lolll XD

cuntflap: what the fuck?

onisionlogic: ahahah

cuntflap: how the fuck

cuntflap: wat

cuntflap: no

cuntflap: go fick yourself

shiloh: *wites number down*

ragreynolds: I'm getting your location now

onisionlogic: lmaoo XD

onisionlogic: where does this jerk live 

cuntflap: what no

cuntflap: you cant do this to me

cuntflap: I was using a web proxy

cuntflap: so its fake

ragreynolds: nope

shiloh: bull

ragreynolds: I ran some checks

ragreynolds: there was no proxy

onisionlogic: lolll u wish cuntflap

ragreynolds: you live in

cuntflap: nO

cuntflap: please dont tell

onisionlogic: say ittt

cuntflap: Ill do anything

ragreynolds: nope

onisionlogic: cuntflap you were an idiot

onisionlogic: u deserve it

ragreynolds: you live in florida


ragreynolds: tampa florida


onisionlogic: ahahah

nelly left the room.

cuntflap: why

onisionlogic: don't mess with the best

cuntflap: why are you doing this to me?

shiloh: you scared nelly away lol

onisionlogic: and he will find you're facebook, and every account linked to you're computer..

onisionlogic: he has mad skill

onisionlogic: its insane

ragreynolds: lol


ragreynolds: found your name

ragreynolds: and address

onisionlogic: ahahaha

cuntflap: dont fucking lie to me

cuntflap: prove it

onisionlogic: trust me... when he says he found it... he is serious

cuntflap: go then

cuntflap: what's my name?

ragreynolds: wendy

onisionlogic: omfg he is going to know 

ragreynolds: wendy wiseman

onisionlogic: lolzz

onisionlogic: haha cunt flap is a girl..

onisionlogic: lol XD

ragreynolds: yup

ragreynolds: now she's quiet

onisionlogic: they are not typing haha

onisionlogic: she is scared!

cuntflap: how the fuck did you do this :(

onisionlogic: trust me, he did it to me... i said the same thing. lol

onisionlogic: then we became good friends


[9:19 PM] shiloh: 

ragreynolds: yes we did

onisionlogic: is you're profile pic a bunny?

cuntflap: I'm not telling you

onisionlogic: lol i am correct!


Basically, I was cuntflap, I was pretending to dox an imaginary person.


Soon after this, OL found out that I had been lying to her all along, she raged at me and stopped talking to me. Soon after, a hate blog appeared on Tumblr under the name "fagreynolds". This blog ended up posting my phone number, school, a bunch of information, and countless edited pictures of me along with a lot of posts about me. Here are the pictures that were on the blog:


It was around this time when OL had made a bunch of new friends (one of which was Bryanna) and they all would Tinychat every day. Bryanna later told me that in these Tinychats, OL would talk about me non-stop, and she would tell them that all the anons and hate I was getting was from her. She had hundreds of "bot accounts" she made by hacking and using 10minutemail. She thought that she was smart because she had "tricked" me into showing her how to do it all. Bryanna told me that she would make them all watch my videos, and she would analyse them all as if I was an evil mastermind and conspiring against everyone. Eventually, I befriended Bryanna when OL wasn't there, and she became a "double agent". She would spy on OL for me. OL eventually trusted her so much, that she made her a co-admin of her OL Tumblr blog. It was my time to shine.

I had Bryanna give me the email and password for the account, so I signed in, and took screenshots as I shut down the entire blog.


I then claimed the onisionlogic url on my Tumblr account, and posted a brief story of what had happened, in order to expose her to everyone. She had been telling everyone that I was this horrible person who was attacking her for no reason, and that she had never said or done anything bad to or about me. So everyone else was giving me crap, including Someguy827, who spent an hour screaming at me in a Tinychat one night. There was also a bunch of drama spouting from this with the ExposingOnision Tumblr blog, and even more with TOB, but I'm not going to get into that right now.

After I shut down the blog, OL was convinced that I had hacked into her account to do it. She didn't even suspect Bryanna, and she continued talking to her on KiK and on Skype. She didn't even believe me when I told her that Bryanna told me the password, she kept saying "That's what you want me to think. You're trying to turn me against her". Bear in mind that this is the same girl who deleted and blocked nine of her Skype contacts when I told her "Be careful who you trust".

Soon after this, she made a new Tumblr where she was talking about committing suicide and was acting extremely depressed. A day or two later, a post appeared on her Tumblr saying:

"absolutely discusted

i logged onto my daughters computer today, after she attempted suicide. only to see all these posts directed at her. I wish she came to me rather than to suffer in silence. What happened to my daughter was truly abusive and cruel. I called her and she told me not to type this. but i am going to post it, because i am truly disgusted in the world we live in. how is there no human decency anymore? She is being treated now, but she will never return back to this site, i have blocked it. you people made her relapse in a full degree, i truly pity you all, for feeling the need to do this to someone. As for my daughter, she is being treated."

This was obviously her. The spelling and grammar was EXACTLY like hers. Also, who the fuck has parents that would check Tumblr? Or even know how to post on Tumblr. The idea is ridiculous. We all called her out.

Soon enough, Kelley and I managed to find her real Facebook, along with all of her private information - In case I haven't mentioned, her name was Melissa, as we thought from the start. As a joke, I sent her a friend request on Facebook. Only for Bryanna to then tell me that Melissa had told her that I had sent the request, and that she had called the cops... only for them to laugh at her.

Yes, that's right people. Melissa called the police because I added her on Facebook.

It was around this time she disappeared.

A few months later, I contacted her on Twitter and Instagram (I found the accounts) just to see what she was up to, but she immediately blocked me. Then probably around a year after that, someone added me on snapchat randomly, and it was a guy who would occasionally send random snaps to me. I just ignored him. Then one day I got a message on KiK from someone with that same username. The guy claimed to be Mel Mel's boyfriend and he said she wanted "The Story of Mel Mel" removed from RR. I demanded I talk to her directly, so she joined the KiK group. She claimed that she doesn't read any drama or keep up with things online, but she compulsively searches her username and that's how she found the post. But that didn't make any sense because we didn't call her "Mel Mel" when we knew her, and she claimed that she searched "Mel Mel ragreynolds" to find the post. I refused to delete it and finally she went away.

Then a few months later, Bryanna and I both got messages from a random guy on KiK who was claiming to be Mel Mel's brother. He claimed she had died of a drug overdose at college and acted super upset. The last thing he sent us was this image, then we never heard from any of them ever again:


I'll edit/add more if it comes to me. Everyone else who was involved should share what they remember too. Anyway, this was just for me to link to a couple of other people.

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3 minutes ago, EndangeredShark said:

Wow, this is all new information ive never heard before! 

: D


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2 hours ago, bryanna said:

its been 4 years nobody cares anymore

1 hour ago, EndangeredShark said:

Wow, this is all new information ive never heard before! 

: D

As I said twice in the original post, I only posted it because someone asked me about it and I didn't have it saved anywhere to link it to them.

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