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Which AHS do you think was the worst?

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Quick question to all American Horror Story fans here, which do you think was the worst and why? I think all of them were pretty consistently good with some being a little better or worse than the others, like parts of the Carnival one were a little confusing and odd  (to me anyways), because they kept going back in the story, and then they would go to present/future events.

For me the worst AHS was the last one, I mean I liked a lot of it, but the last bunch of episodes were the worst for me; basically after a certain point they had characters say how it's not real and its just a show, and it sort of showed how they made it; we all know these shows aren't real in real life, but making episodes of the show about it seemed like their worst idea ever.

It was like they made a documentary about it while still doing the show itself.

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Roanoke was by far the worst. Then it'd be Hotel, followed by Freak Show. 1-3 were all excellent seasons of television, but 4 wasn't very good and it just went downhill superfast after that. I barely made it through Hotel, and I couldn't make it past episode 3 of Roanoke. 

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