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I made a YouTube video once.

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I used to have plans to make a vocal cover/Guitar cover YouTube channel until I realized that's about as outdone as just about everything else so after uploading one cover I laid it to rest, instead uploading a second one on Facebook because I had made it and didn't want it to go to waste. There isn't any actual VIDEO in the video, just cover art with some shitty fucking Windows Movie Maker text and my vocals slapped on it. I'm still quite proud of the cover though, one of my better vocal performances. And yes, it's supposed to sound like that.

Sharing it here because aay I might just start doing it now that I don't have anything to do anymore.



Edit: I apparently don't know how to embed videos, screw that then.

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You should still just have that sorta YouTube channel. Who cares if it's done to death. Just do what you enjoy.

To embed, just paste the YouTube link, hit enter, and wait. It should do it automatically.

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