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Standing Orders of The House of RR 2017


1. Election of The Speaker

The Speaker will always have to be the Owner. If the owner wishes to abdicate, is banned from the forums or becomes deceased then a new election shall commence within the house. The new elected speaker then becomes the owner if the The Head of State of RR agrees with that decision.

2. Speaker and Neutrality

Most of parlimentary speakers have to be neutral in contemporary parliaments however because the only power RR has is of influence and not actual legislation then the speaker doesn't have to be impartial and can take part in debate and vote as well if he so wishes.


3. Formal debates

For a debate to be classified as a 'Formal Debate' it should be as follows;

It starts with a debating round which lasts 2 weeks. People are encouraged to vote first on the issue before they start debating. 

Formal debates finish with the voting round thread. The voting round lasts 48 hours. It's purpose is to reflect back on the debating round and vote on the issue again. Then we can see how much influence our debating points had over the issue and reflect back on our points and pointlessly argue who won the debate.

4. Informal Debates

Informal debates are there to just discuss political affairs, praise the government or hold them into account. Make statement on past, current and future affairs. It is there to discuss politicians and keep up with the political news. They are just there for political discussion. There can be voting within them but if it doesn't follow STANDING ORDER 3 on how a formal debate should be conducted then it won't be classed as a formal debate. 


5. Filibustering (Spamming)

Filibustering is prohibited within the House. What is classed as filibustering is when a member knowingly spams or diverts the thread with irrelevant replies to that debate thread.


6. Disorderly conduct that goes against CLUSTER C (RULES OF DEBATE)

If a member goes against the rules of the House of RR, he will be asked to withdraw his statement by his own volition by editing it and removing the statement. If he refuses thrice or doesn't respond within 24 hours, the current speaker shall be compelled to withdraw the member from the House for the remainder of the day. He will be suspended from the debate and other debates for 24 hours. 

7. Disbarred From The House

If a member is suspended from the House three times he'll be permanently banned from the House of RR.


8. Permitted Amendments

The only amendments that can be made to this bill shall be made under CLUSTER C (RULES OF DEBATE). Members can only amend how debates are conducted.

9. Amendment Rules

Amendments can be put to the Speaker in terms of point of orders in the 'Debate Rules & Debating The Debate Rules' club section as threads. There they can be discussed informally (SEE STANDING ORDER 4). If The Speaker deems the points fit under common sense then The Speaker shall discuss them with The Head of State of RR and if they both agree then the amendment can be put it into a vote for the rest of the members. The debate and voting for that amendment shall be put into a form of a formal debate (SEE STANDING ORDER 3). If the voting of that amendment passes then it shall be added into this bill.

10. Freedom of Speech

Members are recommended to consider freedom of speech before suggesting amendments.

F. Misc.

11. Speaker Not Present

If the speaker hasn't been present then anyone from the moderator's shall take The Speaker's place if they so please or can be bothered.

12. Etiquete

If members are being aggressive to each other and throwing personal insults at each other then The Speaker shall remind them to be more courteous however he must never censor them if what they are stating doesn't go against CLUSTER C (RULES OF DEBATE).

12A. Etiquete 2

If RR's general public wishes to join the debate, it is recommended that they become members of The House however the debates shall always remain public.

13. Australian Members

Australians need permission from The Head of State of RR,  @ragreynolds before becoming members.

13A. Topics Regarding Australians

Any topics regarding Australia need to be permitted from The Head of State of RR before they're posted.





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forgot australia
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