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Hitman TV Series

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I found both films atrocious however I thought if Hitman is going to hit the screens again, it should be in form of an episodic TV series.

Most episodes should be based around a contract, a hit that hitman has to hit. 

All of the episodes should also have a thriving back plot that usually takes over during a season premiere or/and finale.

So in a way it should take a very similar approach from the current Hitman game. 

They should try to throw more game references within the game however they should be considerate that converting a game into a movie/tv series usually turns out shit. So they should try and focus on making a story that doesn't have to base itself into the game too much but become a universe of its own. Trying to turn a highly interactive sand box game into TV Series would be very difficult and has to be done right. 

Any opinions/ideas?

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That could be pretty cool, but as you said, it could be very difficult. I think it'd probably just end up as a regular old action series unfortunately. I'm just not sure how they can quite capture what Hitman is without letting you have freedom to choose how you want to play something out.

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