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Ending a TV Series

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A youtuber that I like talked about this question that I face usually when I watch a TV Series, would the ending be satisfactory?

I've written essays on film narrative analysis and they are definitely different in the way they are structured however I do find TV series like Sherlock who use both film and tv series narrative styles more successful because they are more easily put to bed without the audience wanting more, also you do get a satisfying ending for each episode which is something I do prefer.

Also the whole idea of the creator knowing the ending seems to me that the Series itself will be highly satisfactory throughout. This is very common with TV series here in the UK. They are usually quite small and only have about 2 or 3 series max, some of them only have 1 series and the episodes range between 2-6 episodes max. The drama tends to be more meaningful. The ending doesn't feel out of place but it is surprising and highly effective. 

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I agree with most of what was said in that video. I think most of the issue is TV shows overstaying their welcome for the simple reason of making more money. Shows would turn out much better if they were written with an end in sight rather than being written season by season or episode by episode.

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