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Favourite Manga?

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Viiolai    212

I've never really gotten into manga before, I tried years back with something called +Anima I believe. I bought maybe 3 of them and didn't buy another, it was probably a case of me looking for something to do during the summer in my free time and then my summer ending. 




Other than that I only usually read manga if an anime I'm watching has a different/more complete ending in the following chapters of it's manga. 

So I don't really have a favourite, do you?

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      What is your favorite Anime, ones you want to watch, and overall recommendations? 
      Ive always have a spot for Deathnote and Ouran Highschool Host Club. 
      I'm in the middle of watching Your Lie in April and have been told to watch Yuri on Ice because it "will complete my life".

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