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What's good in the hood, fam?

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Harry_Hilter    91

Everyone's got something good going for them, everyone does, even if that other thing is waking up, eating food, just whatever you have in life that is considered good, let's talk and give thanks. :)

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ragreynolds    756

That's the kinda thing I like to tell people who are suicidal. I always say that when you die, there is absolutely nothing. Sure, there's no suffering, but there's also no joy. When you are alive, even if you are depressed, even if you feel like shit all the time, there will always be something that gives you even the smallest ounce of joy. That might be a TV show you love, a movie you watch, a meal you eat, or a video game you play. Maybe it's even a certain conversation you have with someone. There will be at least one small thing. I always say that having that little bit of pleasure, no matter how small, is better than having none at all.

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