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    • By sheilamotko
      I tried to upload three part videos..of me and my friend riding in her truck..well I guess they caught music in the background ,mind you it was on low volume I didn't think the nosy idiots could catch it..they haven't in the past...and the ones they did..they just turned off the sound.  I messaged them and they said ..about the copyright blah blah blah..and next time turn off the radio..right turn of a radio that isn't my property...Sometimes Youtube don't make sense of a billy goat. ..sorry for the rant post...thanks for viewing..and comment your thoughts

    • By sheilamotko
      So, has anyone notice a lot of Youtubers had to get a Patreon to raise money to help with what Youtube has taken away ? Maybe some of your favs had to get one..if so please go support them. What are your thoughts???
      Ya I know its been awhile since I even posted..still trying to get a replacement charger for this laptop. Which it isn't easy finding the right one..its a C875 one. And had to stop filming for my channel...so made a new one..Ryan you have my permission to share the link with anyone here who wants to see ...my other one will be active still to..soon as a figure out what to post there...The son's gf doesn't like me filming in our new place. Looong story. The old one with  the early stuff is Sheila MOTKO on youtube.
    • By Flying_Squirrel
      Just a little bit of shameless self promotion. 
      Feedback on my channel (most recent stuff) would be greatly appreciated!
    • By Cruzodiac
      Sup yall, I have a constantly expanding youtube playlist which is made out of video memes, or just things that are sort of funny,  that are pleasant to listen to as music. An few example of this could be something like this, this, or this.
      Do you guys have any suggestions for what I could add to the playlist? Some criteria for the song is:
      Not overly obnoxious
      Not too long
      Here's a link to the playlist.
      I realize that I am incredibly dorky.
    • By bryanna
      Somebody was gonna make it soooo
      He's got a wife, girlfriends, and pictures of underage girls on his forums. Discuss.