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Stephen Fry (Wagner & Me)

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One of my favourite people on the whole wide word speaking about one of my favourite Opera composers and dramatists, Richard Wagner.

Richard Wagner in my opinion surpasses every other composer in the 'feelings' department. 

Richard Wagner's music can make any audience feel any emotion that he wanted them to feel.

From depression to elation. From a feeling that needs to be resolved to a complete harmonious resolution that makes you feel a complete ecstatic nostalgia.

He can give you tears of misery and he can give you tears of joy.

He might have been a jew hater but god, he was a brilliant dramatist.

Richard Wagner everyone.


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6 hours ago, ragreynolds said:

Stephen Fry is great. Wagner's music is the kinda thing I love to have on in the background.

Wagner doesn't work very well in the background.

His music is always the centre of attention.

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