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Iron Fist

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Has anyone else watched Iron Fist? I'm just about to start episode 8. When it first came out I was hesitant about watching it because all the reviewers I keep up with said it wasn't very good whereas all the other Netflix Marvel series had been fantastic (both in my opinion and theirs) so I just assumed that since I had the same taste as the reviewers, I'd feel the same about Iron Fist. So I just started watching it last night so that when The Defenders is out on Friday I can watch that. I must say, I wish I had watched sooner. I've watched 7 episodes and I'm enjoying it more than I enjoyed Luke Cage, and at least as much as I enjoyed Jessica Jones. It still has nothing on Daredevil though!

Anyone else feel the same? Feel different? Just wanna shit post? Go ahead. Be a devil :smirk: 

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I didnt really enjoy it, it just felt messy in places and misguided, I still watched it all and it did get better but it was a hard old slog to get through. I also found it odd that the main guy actually doesn't have a lot of fighting experience and it showed, compared to the rest of the cast who have more experience, the iron fist was sluggish, slow and hard to watch when it came to his fight scenes and I wonder if the choice a gots actor because hype over someone who cab act and fight, I also found the story to be just awful. It had its fantastic moments with some of the fight scenes

I am here always and forever for drunken martial arts

, but I dunno it got boring quick.

I have nothing bad to say towards the acting choices past up there, but I just found it sooo difficult to get through, I just think that it was subpar to what's already been produced.

Also, everyone knows the order the shows go by in date, is the order they go by in excellence.


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