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We're here, we're bald, get used to it. (Secondlife)

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There  was a rolling restart in Secondlife, ((A rolling restart or ripplestart of applications is typically an operation that may be performed on applications that are deployed across multiple JVMs or application servers (for example, in a cluster) to incrementally stop and start applications on each JVM))

And so we all ended up on a sim that was already restarted, which basically left us all with no clothes, minimal clothes and all bald, I took a picture to show everyone here as I thought it was funny. 




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11 minutes ago, SkyBlu said:

Is Second Life that game where people cyber and pretend to be black women?

Only on special occasions, do I do those things. LOL! Only kidding!!! 

There is a lot of gratuitous sex, yes, as far as racial things, I don't know. 

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4 hours ago, ragreynolds said:

What's your favourite thing about Second Life?

My favorite thing is that it offers unlimited creativity. Everything on there is made by the people who play, everything from places that you go, to the clothes and skins that you wear were made by someone and it's possible to make your own things on there as well, from agian, buildings to clothes, to skins to adult products. The sky is the limit. 

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