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Bugs on World of Warcrack

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So on WOW (World of warcraft) I'm messing around with different races and classes on the starter version, you  can play up to level 20 for free, and every time I start a new one, I always have mail from "The forgotten Smith" with a mount that I already have in my inventory called  "The Warforged Nightmare" and starter accounts cannot check mail, so every time I try out a new character class and want to delete it, I have to write a support  ticket and a bug report that this is happening, which is all incredibly frustrating, I hope they get that fixed soon. 

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ragreynolds    792
19 minutes ago, The_Right_Honourable_Jimmy said:

is that still a thing...am I living in 2005?

That's what I always think when I hear about WoW. I've never actually played it though

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