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Call out Thread for Thor!

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Ok guys.

After talking to some people, i have decided to call out Thor. Some of you may know him as Blake, others may know him as Bryanna's husband, but myself and a few others think this would be the best way to approach some of his problematic behaviour. They decided to remain anonymous because they didn't want the backlash that is going to come from this!

Where to begin! Blake has been around for some years and it has come to my attention that he has just been getting away with stuff. He plays the victim but is actually a deceitful, duplicitous and evil man, he pits people against eachother by pretending to be your friend and then bitching about you behind his so called friends back. I have watched this happen for years and I cannot stand by and watch this man do this anymore.

He once DDOS'd someone for saying metal is lame, he cannot accept you like different music to him and I have tried to convince him that it is ok to like music other than metal, but he is convinced that the only good music, is the sound of iron clanging against steel... While that is technically metal, it is NOT the genre of metal. He once stabbed his own brother in the leg for playing Justin Beiber... He is truly despicable.

He is an abliest abuser, he says he is crazy, but as a joke and this is highly offensive to those with actual mental disorders and he says he doesn't care if it is offensive, but he is actively triggering the mentally ill by faking his craziness. He also wants eugenics in place to remove the white race and put the natives back in power... 

Despite claiming to be crazy without a care, he is a sociopath for loving drama, he always says that he wants to be removed from the narrative while basking in the drama he has caused. He is an abuser, he is crazy... but not the crazy he is claiming to be, that's albeist. He loves drama so much that he will actively abuse people just to get his fill. He will actively try to trigger victims of bullying and bully survivors for his own sick thrills! This could extend to threatening their lives, gathering their home addresses and sending them mail. 

He loves gore and violence, if you hadnt already guessed that by the way he is so free with those stabbing hand, this man loves to draw gore and violence, he thinks this is acceptable to draw characters of sweet tv shows in horrid situations... It is despicable and makes me feel uneasy to know that he thinks he has the right to do that to anything. He knows that this is wrong, he has said numerous times this is wrong but he continues onwards anyway... Does he have no conscience?

When he takes alignment tests, they always come back choatic evil... I can say no more on this.

he thinks that if you want to be friends with him you are being to clingy and emotional, he will ignore you, abuse you and disrespect you until you get the hint to avoid him and then when you do so, wonders why you are avoiding him and persues you for answers, aggressively and abusively... this is ableist and triggering.

He is also kinphobic, he thinks that it is ridiculous and hilarious actively mocking those who believe their dragon donkesy... Again, extremely ableist and disgusting behaviour.

All in all, i think you agree that the evidence is over-whelming... Thor is a crazy, sociopathic kinphobic disrespectful human being who CANNOT be allowed to get away with his behaviour anymore, he will not change, he will never see why he is so wrong all the time and I think this is the best method in showing the world the true him...

Screenshots will follow when my computer is fixed.

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I believe it.

Blake successfully ruined mine and Bryannas friendship because he was feeding us both lies about each other, a fact I only was recently made aware of. He let me cry to him when it was all his fault in the first place! How messed up can you be to seek out ruining a friendship for fun then comfort the people all the while knowing it's your fault they're in the pain they're in?

People have feelings blake, you don't just get to treat people like this.

He's also incredibly racist. Despite his love for his own race and hatred of white people, like cee said, he actually likes to date white women just so he can humiliate them sexually. He's a sadist who likes to exploit the kinks of innocent white women, and he needs to be told it's wrong. Women allow him to behave this way because it's easy to fall for those puppy dog eyes and pouty lips, but it's all apart of his trick. He makes himself seem vulnerable to you too but he isn't really.

We're all just pawns in his game, I'm so glad you called him out.

Who hurt you Blake?!

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6 minutes ago, EndangeredShark said:


Screenshot (1).png

i dont see him referring to any specific crimes

this is clearly manipulated to change the narrative 

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