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Abortions R Us

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  1. 1. What's your stance on abortion?

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4 hours ago, ragreynolds said:

Well most people will make a whole thing out of women's rights and whatever in regards to abortion, but really is has nothing to do with that. The people who are against abortion aren't against it because they don't want women to have rights, they're against it because they see abortion as literal child murder. The majority of pro-life people view abortion as the exact same as drowning a baby in a bath tub. It's about murder to them, not rights.

If you can convince someone that it isn't murder and that the foetus isn't actually a baby then they won't be Pro-life anymore.

Not saying you make the argument for women's rights or anything, I'm just saying that a large part of the reason people are Pro-life is because they aren't educated on foetuses and whatever because feminist types are too busy screaming about how not allowing them abortion is taking rights away from them rather than explaining that a foetus isn't a person.


I brought up religion mostly because isn't the conception of life "a heartbeat" in science? (genuine question, could be very wrong here). So if science says it's a heartbeat then there is no life. That would mean they see it as child murder because their religion says different from science. I could be being totally ignorant here and feel free to call me out on that.

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