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Confronting ShortVideos IRL

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Last night, my most recent video was removed from YouTube. It appears to have been flagged, and YouTube's system has taken down the video. I have also received a strike on my account, meaning that I will be unable to livestream for the next three months, and hence, will not be able to host my podcast the way I usually do.

I have filed an appeal against the decision, and hopefully, my video will be reinstated and the strike will be removed, but I am preparing for the worst-case scenario. If the video is not reinstated, I will most certainly start distributing my content more frequently across other platforms. I am getting sick and tired of YouTube's terrible decisions and practices, and I refuse to let them have any control or influence over the creative direction of my content.

If the decision is not reversed, I will start posting my videos, in full, to Facebook and Vidme. Stay tuned, as I will be posting a full video update to my YouTube channel in the coming week.

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