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Dank Memes and shitposting thread

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23 minutes ago, The_Right_Honourable_Jimmy said:



This thread is filled with NORMIE CANCER MEMES




Literally how I feel about you and mark

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On 2/5/2017 at 11:53 PM, The_Right_Honourable_Jimmy said:

you sir actually fall under the edgy degenerate criteria

Neither of those 2 words describe me very well please try again.

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9 hours ago, n00gai said:

why  is there even a "bathroom debate"?

why would i give a fuck who takes a shit in the stall next to me?

Because if you're a woman you're more than likely going to be a bit uneasy if a person with a penis is within 3 feet of you while you perform your business. It's not sexist, it's just biology.

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