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Thor: Ragnarok

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The movie was fantastic. Definitely the best Thor movie, and perhaps my new favourite Marvel movie. @EndangeredSharkgets it.

I need to see it again before saying it's my fave though.

Anyone else seen it yet/have any thoughts?


I did have a couple of issues with the movie, the first being the opening sorta 5-10 minutes. The humour in this part of the movie when Thor was chained up just really hit the mark for me. I really, really wanted to find it funny/enjoyable, but I couldn't. I just cringed. I laughed a lot as the movie went on though, I just really didn't like the opening uses of humour.

The other issue I had was in relation to Thor's powers. In the first two Thor movies, plus all of the Avengers movies he's been in, there has always been such an emphasis put on his hammer. It had been made out that without his hammer, he was largely useless as a fighter, and I was under the impression that his powers were all tied to the hammer ever since he was exiled by Odin. I enjoyed the movie, and I thought Thor was an absolute badass towards the end, and I loved the action, however, I just felt like the whole hammer thing was a huge inconsistency when viewed side-by-side with the other movies that he has been in. As far as I was concerned, Thor was going to have to get a new hammer if he was going to have any sort of chance fighting well against anyone, nevermind just against Hulk or Hela.

The only other issue I had that I can think of off the top of my head was in regards to the battle in Asgard. I liked the idea of how they had to trigger Ragnarok to stop Hela, but it just seemed a little anti-climatic because no one really died other than that guy who was on her side for a bit and then wasn't (I don't even remember his name). As much as it would have been a very sad moment, I'd have been happy to see the death of Thor. I'm pretty sure he, and probably many others are gonna die in Infinity War anyway, so it wouldn't really have been that big of a deal to do it here instead. Even if they didn't wanna kill off Thor, I'd have liked to have seen perhaps Hulk die. It's not like he's that important of a character, and I also think his ability/value has been diminished by the amount of times we've seen him get his ass kicked. Thor even kicked his ass without his hammer in this movie. Hulk is becoming a bit of a joke as far as his fighting abilities go imo. All he really does lately is serve as comic relief.

I probably sound quite negative after all that, but I really did enjoy the movie. It was fantastic. I just enjoy complaining about things.



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My new fave marvel film but the director is my fave director so maybe im biased


Taika Waititi wanted to focus heavily on Chris Hemsworth as a comedy actor because Chirs Hemsworth is hilarious and under utilized, this meant that a lot of it was improvised, so there was some hit and miss and you should know by now, i love a good bit of realistic CGI so when i first saw it, i was disappointed because the beginning scene just wasn't up to scratch really in the things I look for in a film.

In regards to Thor's power, it was covered in the film, part of the point of him having the hammer was for him to control his power so he didn't end up like Hela. I agree though, it is a bit of an inconsistency that maybe should've followed through the other films? I think the whole point of this film WAS to stray away from that because Thor actually doesn't have the hammer for very long in the comics and Thor is incredibly powerful without it, but the other films don't show that, what's the point in having a super hero whose power depends on a hammer that can be taken away if someone else knows who they are. I really enjoyed the comedic side of Thor, we were starting to see that in Dark World and it was really awesome to play on it, especially the comedic value of all the other characters, apart from like dots in the plot making you go "hmm" it was a solid film, solid performances all round.

One thing that has always annoyed me about any superhero film is repercussions, I didn't care that people didn't die because quite obviously this film wasn't about destruction, but i did enjoy the fact that we finally got see to see consequences to Loki's actions, to hulk flying off, to Odin being a colossal cunt and the subsequent destruction of asgard. This is something Marvel films has been working on, when you drop a city on to someones head, when you release a virus, when you ruin peoples careers, it has done a good job at then showing that there are consequences and I really liked in this Thor that we got to see that. Loki has a choice to make, but i think he's still gonna continue being a fuck up and YOU KNOW he has the tessorak. I think that this film works if what you want isn't constant blockbusting destruction with no consequences, but if you want blockbusting action, lots of death all that jazz, you're not gonna get it here. For me, it fit everything i wanted, It was comedic which i sooo needed Thor to be in previous films, it was action packed, it was a continuation of Age of Ultron which was so, so important because we got to find out he didn't find any infinity stones and we now know what happened to Bruce Banner. It makes me really excited for Infinity Wars because we now have this entire alien race of displaced beings, how is earth gonna cope with that? How is earth gonna cope with Loki's return? Who the fuck was in that ship, WAS IT A SKRULL!!!!!. As a stand alone film it was excellent but as a continuation it was one of the strongest marvel films. Everything fell into place for me and it was nice that it was story driven, which Taiki Watiti does well. 

I do wish though that the battle at the end was a bit more explosive, Hela is the ridiculously powerful goddess of death and she just get annihilated in the last ten minutes by the guy we saw thor defeat in the first ten minutes. I dunno, i wish we had more of her because she was an incredible bad character and I wish that there would have been something to take into infinity wars with there. 

Also Taika Waititi  was Korg and since i've seen the film, in my head i've had the one scene, where Loki was speaking to Thor but it was his illusion and as he disappears Korg runs and kicks going "I thought i saw a ghost". I am still laughing at that. Also Matt Damon and Luke Hemsworth and Sam Neal were playing Loki, Thor and Odin. 

I dunno, I just loved it

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