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The End of RR (March 2018)

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I was writing a post but I accidentally closed my browser so I'll try to type out what I had before from memory.

I didn't really spend a whole lot of time here, just sort of visited on and off occasionally posting. I always wanted to be more active here, but I guess I sorta felt my reputation as a fuckwit weirdo on OFO both iterations I was a part of it sorta made me feel out of place (I was Calebbait back then, at least some of you will probably remember), like I would always be viewed like that, but a lot of that was probably just my own insecurities holding me back. I regret not getting closer with the community here, but I guess there's not much to change that now. I'll try to be more active in the last month it's around I guess.

Here's my Discord if anyone wants it: Caleb#3642

If you want any other ways to contact me just ask.

Also droppin' some appreciate for @TokentheToken's drag, pretty rad.

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Dayum. When this place first started up we all had a laugh about how short a time we expected it to last, you sure proved everyone wrong. Four years is one damn fine effort. 

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